Soap Nut Recipes

Soap Nuts Liquid Recipe

In a large pot, boil 15 whole soap nuts in 6 cups of water for 20 minutes. Add another cup of water and continue to boil for another 10 minutes. Strain the nuts from the liquid and store in a sterilized container. It’s best to store the straight liquid in the refrigerator as it will eventually expire. This versatile liquid can be used as a general household cleaner and will eliminate your chemical household cleaners. 

Along with using this for their laundry, many of our customers use this liquid in their carpet cleaners to clean their rugs, wash their counter-tops, in their mop bucket, wash re-usable cloth diapers to eliminate stains and all odors, hand wash dishes, in the dishwasher (leaves dishes incredibly clean and leaves glasses spotless and squeaky clean), wash their windows (literally works as well as Windex), as a personal body wash/shampoo,  wash their pets (repels fleas and ticks while completely eliminating any odors) and it can be sprayed on house and garden plants as a natural insecticide which will keep away aphids and other nasty bugs. For scent lovers: simply add your favorite essential oil to the liquid or put a drop or two on the wash bag if doing laundry.

Other benefits to consider:

-Soap nuts are anti-microbial so they help reverse the cycle of damage that has been caused by the traditional chemical detergents being flushed into our water ways by eliminating bad bacteria while helping to support the beneficial bacteria.

-They are phosphorus free

-They can be composted

-They are non-toxic

-They completely eliminate the mold build-up that tends to happen on the inside lip of high efficiency front loading wash machines. The musty smell will absolutely disappear.

-Nut allergies DO NOT apply as soap nuts are scientifically a non-edible hypo-allergenic berry

-The black beads on the drawstrings on our product bags are the pits from inside the soap nuts that are taken out when they’re harvested!