Sarah Koebler - "Leaves everything clean!!! My son is 11, he does some damage, and it's erased each time. He has some allergies to certain detergents, so this was a great replacement!"

Viola Thornell "I have used the ones I won in the first drawing he had and it has been wonderful in so many ways. No more jugs of laundry soap to lug around and I do not have to use dryer sheets"

Stacey Holliday "I have used soap nuts really can't go wrong...I love not harming animals (I'm Vegan)...OR the environment. ...please give these a try"

Jennie Lockwood "Absolutely love"

Chris Isely "These soap nuts are amazing! Not only are they Non toxic but they get the stains out of the clothes! Customers are very pleased with the results and the money they save on detergents!"

Cheri Miles "I love this product on so many levels. It works great, even leaves the machine clean. It is great for the environment-no longer have to lug heavy bottles of detergent and used nuts go into my compost."

Lessley Denton "I have been using this product for about 2 months now and absolutely love it!! My daughter is sensitive with skin allergies and I have to be very careful with what I use; it is such a relief to find a product that I know I don't have to worry about how she will react. I love that with this product I am taking one more step to making my home a safe, chemical free home!! Thank you Four Nuts by Nature!!!"

 Kayla McCulloch -  "This product is incredible"!