175 Washes Size Med. 1.1 lbs Soap Nuts / Berries + 2 Washing Bags

Four Nuts By Nature Soap Nuts

Soap nuts are incredibly efficient! If using a top loading washing machine you will yield 175 washes and you will yield double that with an H.E. (front loading high efficiency) washer. To use them, you take 4 soap nuts and put them in the all natural (made of muslin fibers) wash bag. It kind of looks like a tea bag with a drawstring on it. You take the wash bag with the Four Nuts in it and you toss it in the washer (doesn't matter if its a top load washer or front load high efficiency unit) and wash your clothes as you would with chemical detergent. Those four nuts will wash 4-6 loads of laundry with a standard washer or 10-15 loads if using a high efficiency washer (less water is used which increases the surfactants' longevity). Once the shells of these nuts come in contact with water, the active ingredient Saponin, is immediately released. Saponin is an all natural surfactant which lowers the surface tension between your clothing & your wash water bonding itself to the fibers of your clothing literally lifting and removing your stains, dirt, grease and grime while simultaneously eliminating any odors and naturally softening your clothes. They are fantastic for whites, colors and delicates! Soap nuts are anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal, biodegradable, compostable, non toxic, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic! By boiling the nuts and creating a concentrated liquid, you can eliminate all the chemical cleaners you traditionally use. Along with using this concentrated liquid for their laundry, many of our customers use this liquid in the shampoo machines to clean their rugs, wash their counter-tops, use in their mop buckets, to wash dishes by hand or right in the dishwasher, wash their windows, wash their pets (repels fleas and ticks) and it can be sprayed on plants as a natural insecticide which does keep away aphids and other nasty bugs! 

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